Interview on the Bill Good Show

Bill Good & Mike Desjardins
 Bill Good & Mike Desjardins 

I had the pleasure of being on the Bill Good Show this morning on CKNW 980 to represent ViRTUS and talk about how CEOs and entrepreneurs are reacting to the current economic situation.  Click here to listen to the program, select 11am – it’s starts about 15 mins into the audio feed.

I have a huge appreciation to share for Maria LoScerbo of EpicPR.  She prepped me for the interview last night with a list of do’s and don’ts, including how to prepare briefing notes so I could stay on message.

Here are five of her do’s and don’ts:


  1. Prepare 3-4 key messages, stick to them and repeat them
  2. Keep your answer brief and create memorable sound bites
  3. Be colourful and use examples
  4. Show enthusiasm and confidence
  5. Pause after each answer


  1. Repeat negatives
  2. Speculate
  3. Interrupt the next question
  4. Ramble
  5. Stray from message or expertise

3 responses to “Interview on the Bill Good Show

  1. Mike, good job on the Bill Good show. Cheers,

  2. Great points Mike. How many PPT presentations have I listened to that could have used this simple list to get the message across? Too many! Including some of my own 🙂 Thanks for these tips.


  3. Well done Mike. Nice to see your message and video appeal translates well to audio too.

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