Best CEO/Executive Gift this year: E Book Reader

Sony Reader

Sony Reader

Think of it as an iPod for your books.

This Christmas the avid CEO reader has a brand new gadget under their tree:  an E Book Reader. The New York Time published a great article yesterday on the three primary devices available now.

So what is an eBook Reader.  Basically it’s a device the size of a paperback but only about 0.5″ thick that can hold anywhere from 160-250 books and displays the pages on a new type of screen called E Ink that looks like black type on light grey paper (much better than a backlit screen on your eyes).  Amazon and Sony are offering stores for you to download all of your favourite (sp -favorite – for my American friends) titles from $5-15, far less than the hardcopy book.

The fantastic thing about the devices is that the battery lasts between 7,500-8,000 page turns before needing recharging.  Yes, THOUSAND!  Using Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth as an example (1,100 pages), you can read that book 7 times over (not sure why you would) before recharging.

Whenever I travel I bring at least two books with me that take up valuable briefcase real estate or weight in my suitcase.  This is a much better solution.


2 responses to “Best CEO/Executive Gift this year: E Book Reader

  1. It is always amazing to see what technology innovates next. The e-book reader is definitely a great gadget and also a unique gift for the corporate sector. In fact now-a-days when company officials are on the move throughout the year, an e-book reader would be perfect. When we were deciding the corporate gift for our company, we’d thought ’bout a thousand things like gift cards, golf kits, and gift baskets; but keeping the travel issue in mind, we found the iPod to be very functional. Moreover, we got it at a very good bargain from Next time perhaps it’ll be the e-book reader!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Another good option for you Iphone types is to download the Beam it Down app. When you tilt your iphone you can adjust the speed it scrolls. Smaller screen but I’m working on the Art of War!

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