The Video Test for Leadership

Leadership is about doing not about “saying.”  No matter what you believe your capacity for leadership is the reality lies within the feedback you get from your team.

As the old saying goes, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.  At ViRTUS we call this the Video Test: people turn down the volume on what you’re saying and simply watch your actions.  If your behaviours don’t match what you espouse you’ll be seen as inconsistent and in leadership inconsistency leads to a breakdown in trust.  Trust is the very foundation of any successful relationship.

If you realize that some of your actions aren’t fitting what you know and say about your leadership style you might be wondering what to do next.  If so, watch this quick video for the easiest way I know how to start back on the right path.


9 responses to “The Video Test for Leadership

  1. I really enjoyed your speech at the Gateway Networking night. It was very driven and motivating. I am glad you are willing to share your knowledge and encouragement.

  2. My pleasure Jane. I appreciate your feedback! Let me know if there are any topics you’d like to hear more about from the speech and I’ll include them in the blog.

  3. I would really like to see a topic on leadership strategies that are effective. Like you said that sometimes we may look back and no one may follow. I would also like a discussion on the top pigeon illustration. I think that we take it too lightly these days but it affects everything we may try to pursue later in life.

  4. Jane – I’d recommend these two previous posts on my blog: Leadership in the land of Google and How to Know if You’re a Great Leader?

    I’ll do a post of matching leadership style to individual tasks (based on motivation and competency) as well.

    Pigeon illustration – for pigeon holing I’ll write about person branding. In the meantime, checkout this article from Tom Peters:

  5. Thanks Mike.
    I will check that posting out and the website too and will be back with some feedback.

  6. Hey Mike:
    I am enjoying your recent learning posts. I have also seen the recommended articles and I am still digesting the information. I like the focus on branding the most. I really appreciated the focus on branding as a way to market oneself and as a way to attach certain characters (like trust) to a particular company and product. It does take thought and skill to direct a particular focus into relating to another.I am also looking into the Fast Company articles. Thanks for sharing.

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