Adult Experiential Learning Cycle

Adult Experiential Learning Cycle

  • Experiencing – designed to generate individual data from one or more of the senses (hear, smell, taste, see, touch), thinking (interpreting, judging, conclusions, assumptions – based on past experience i.e. stored information), action (verbal and nonverbal), wanting or intending, feeling (positive/negative affective or emotional responses) modes.
  • Reflection & Sharing– to report the data generated from the experience. The purpose is three-fold. First, the person having the experience, in their sharing, learns to articulate the experience and in so doing expands that experience. They also learn the skill of effective communication. Third, on hearing other people’s experiences, add to the depth and breadth of their seemingly unique
  • Interpreting  to make sense of the data generated for both individuals and the group. Interpretations allow me to formulate a position or hypothesis about my experiences. With this in hand I can go into the “real’ world” to test my hypothesis.
  • Generalizing – to develop hypotheses and abstractions from the data.
  • Applying – to bridge the present and the future by understanding and/or planning how these generalizations can be put into operation.
  • Revising & Repeating – through trial and error the learning becomes personalized and the behaviour turns into a habit over time

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  1. isadora m. gerona

    thanks i need this for my assignment

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