Entrepreneurial Strategic Planning Framework

The most effective framework for strategic planning for a small to medium sized entrepreneurial company that I’ve come across is laid out in the book, The Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish.

If you’ve been looking to find a straightforward way to engage your team in a planning process that is designed with the entrepreneur in mind then this is the format for you.

The One Page Strategic Plan outlined in the Rockefeller Habits blends SWOT Analysis, with Core Values, Core Purpose, BHAG, 3-5 year plan, 1 year plan, quarterly actions, historical financials with budget, brand promise, and your elevator pitch, and yes, all of that fits on one page!

If you’re interested in learning more about how the plan works buy the book or write a comment on this post or click Next Steps at the top of this page – I’d be happy to help you.  We use a customized version of this framework with our growth-focused entrepreneurial clients.


3 responses to “Entrepreneurial Strategic Planning Framework

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  2. Great book … I think most entrepreneurs will appreciate Verne Harnish’s practical style of communication, and the clearly proven principles of growing a business. I built my first business the hard way over the past 12 years, and am already finding my path to be more focused as I follow my business passion, using the Rockefeller Habits and ViRTUS tools on my new business venture.

  3. Have heard great things from about a dozen other successful entrepreneurs who use this same strategy.

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