mikedesjardins.tel – what’s that?

In a prior blog post I wrote about the new domain that’s now available, “.tel”.  Unlike normal domains (.com, .org, .uk, etc.), .tel is actually an online business card that maintains all of your public and private contact information.  I’ve registered my .tel as http://mikedesjardins.tel.

A local firm, webnames.ca, is one of the registrars.  They put an ad up on youtube that very well done and worth sharing:


One response to “mikedesjardins.tel – what’s that?

  1. This is really handy Mike. It’s been a few years since we last corresponded, but I enjoy your blog.

    For interest, I had a quick search and the only contact info I have for you is in a few old emails, so I’ve just added you to my .tel list on my Blackberry.

    For info, this is what your .tel looks like in a .tel address book app: http://tinyurl.com/cdq2yf

    It makes life a lot easier just to key in a .tel!

    I’m surprised by how many people I’ve been able to find with a .tel name but a lot more to go before updating address books becomes a thing of the past.

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