Picture 1My friend Lewisa Anciano has worked with her business partner, Jacqui Noftall, to create one of the coolest new tools for growing companies that have small HR departments but not the systems required to handle their growing business:  Basically for a few hundred dollars you can buy Recruitment, Performance Management, Engagement, or Succession Planning programs with all the forms, instructions, and setup pieces you need.

The entire package was built from the ground up by experienced HR professionals who have spent years developing their own systems internally. Basically you get to leverage all of their hard work!

If you own a growing business or are in the HR department, and you don’t have the resources you need (and find the thought of building them from scratch daunting), then this is probably the best product I’ve seen out there. There are over 70 comprehensive tools that require few modifications, and a ‘how-to’ guide that helps with successful implementation.

[note: I have no equity ownership or derive any compensation from kickstart – I’m just really impressed by it.]


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