Influencing Corporate Culture

I’ve spoken to a number of executives lately who are concerned about their corporate culture and who want to know the key areas for leveraging change. Here are four areas that influence culture directly and are in your control as an executive team:

  1. What behaviours we allow (we teach people what okay and not okay)
  2. What we reward (monetarily or through praise, promotion, and recognition)
  3. Who we hire, what we look for when we hire, and who we help “exit” the business
  4. The visible behaviours of the executive team we demonstrate to the rest of the company

3 responses to “Influencing Corporate Culture

  1. Your points are right on. When those areas are addressed, it does become easier to change a corporate culture. This video provides some great insights on how to build a culture that’s geared toward service – and ultimately success.

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  3. So often, when I talk to folks in leadership who want to change culture – they are indeed orientaged to initiating change in others. In effect – they separate themselves from the culture in order to “judge it”. What they forget is the opportunity to lead from the inside – out; to model the desired culture authentically and with congruence by being great at self leadership first. Trust is built by the congruence that comes from doing THAT.

    Do THAT & the culture will shift.

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