Corporate Culture: The Clover Food Lab Story



4 responses to “Corporate Culture: The Clover Food Lab Story

  1. “Complexity is the enemy of quality.”
    Love that quote from Clover.

    Thanks for posting this Mike!

  2. Love the concept of learning from mistakes and making that a core part of the culture. Imagine if that was more prevalent in organizations. We’d solve a lot more problems and stop destructive behaviours that develop when people feel they have to be right at all costs.

  3. Love the quote: “We make mistakes all the time, we just try not to make expensive ones and we learn from them to make things better.”

  4. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m in the process of writing my next column for BIV in March, entitled Businesses Dirty Little Secret, focusing on the role of candour and transparency. One of the key behaviours is making mistake and admitting them. A proven way to increase collaboration, creativity, and innovation: fail our way through to success (also called prototyping!).

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