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10 new gurus you should know

FORTUNE magazine published a story entitled, “10 Gurus You Should Know.”  It details the ten new up-and-coming gurus in the business world. It’s quick read as each page has only a few paragraphs on each person.

The two most interesting to me are Joel Podolny, Dean of Apple University, and Janine Benyus, Biomimicry Guild and Institute.  Joel interests me for three reasons: 1) because he used to be the Dean of the Business School at Yale and his focus is on teaching real-life problem solving – something I’ve been preaching for 10 years now and blogged about recently , 2) because it’s great to see Apple focusing on leadership development at such a high level, and 3) because so many of my clients are focused on developing their leaders as a way of retaining and growing their top talent.  Janine interests me because she uses natures billions of years of evolution as a springboard for solving modern problems.


The Simpsons parody of Apple

We’re working hard at ViRTUS to become the Apple of the consulting world and so I track the company quite closely (most of the time through MacRumors.com). I saw this video on youtube while I was on vacation – it’s a spoof of Apple (“Mapple”) on The Simpsons and so I couldn’t resist sharing this.

And as Apple said in their commercial in the 80’s, “love them or hate them, glorify or vilify them, you can’t deny the fact that they change things…”

Click here to see the video.

iPhone vs Blackberry

Since we made the Wildly Courageous Decision at ViRTUS to become the Apple of the consulting world, I have been tracking Apple religiously.  My company (ViRTUS) is run completely on Macs (well okay, except for the one PC that runs the accounting software).  I use a BlackBerry Pearl but I have been considering going to iPhone.  In my research I came across this video of a BlackBerry user who switched over to iPhone and he does a great job of sharing the pros and cons of both devices so I thought you might find this interesting:  

I have an iPod Touch as well so from my experience the only drawback I can come up with is the touch screen typing.  I use my BB Pearl for email constantly and I’m consistently faster on it when compared to the iPhone.  So aside from that (and that’s a biggie), I’d say it’s advantage iPhone.

I have a free upgrade coupon on my account right now so I’m going to upgrade to a BlackBerry Storm (their new touch screen device) as soon as TELUS launches it (rumours have that as Nov 15th).