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iPhone vs Blackberry

Since we made the Wildly Courageous Decision at ViRTUS to become the Apple of the consulting world, I have been tracking Apple religiously.  My company (ViRTUS) is run completely on Macs (well okay, except for the one PC that runs the accounting software).  I use a BlackBerry Pearl but I have been considering going to iPhone.  In my research I came across this video of a BlackBerry user who switched over to iPhone and he does a great job of sharing the pros and cons of both devices so I thought you might find this interesting:  

I have an iPod Touch as well so from my experience the only drawback I can come up with is the touch screen typing.  I use my BB Pearl for email constantly and I’m consistently faster on it when compared to the iPhone.  So aside from that (and that’s a biggie), I’d say it’s advantage iPhone.

I have a free upgrade coupon on my account right now so I’m going to upgrade to a BlackBerry Storm (their new touch screen device) as soon as TELUS launches it (rumours have that as Nov 15th).