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What I wish I’d known when I was a teenager.


Here is the Core Values experience I speak about in the first part of the video.


Figuring out your core values

One of the challenges to goal planning is understanding how your goals will affect the quality of your life. Many people (including me in the past) set goals that led to outcomes they don’t want. By planning your goals around your core values you set yourself up to create the life you want while you achieve your goals.

The best online goal tracking website I know of is Lifetick.com. It’s focused on values before goals, and goals before actions. The challenge is that if you don’t know what your core values are you can get stuck at the first step.

Focusing on personal and business core values has always been a critical part of our ViRTUS Exchange experience. For our Exchange Members we created a competency that will allow them to figure out their personal core values. At a speech I gave the other day at UBC I promised I would share  the core values worksheet with step-by-step instructions. Here it is: Core Values Experience PDF Download.